5 Tips For Drinking Like a Goddess

We’re endlessly inspired by the goddesses. They stand in their power in mind, body and spirit. They indulge in all the sensual pleasures of life, and still have the energy to rule in their realms. They expect the best and they get the best.

We think that the way to feel like a goddess is to treat yourself like a goddess, so in today’s post, we’re sharing our tips for how to drink like you’re living it up on Mount Olympus. Need something to quench your divine thirst? You can taste lightning in a bottle tonight when you try Greek Lightning honey liqueur, a delectable sweet liqueur crafted from the finest Greek grapes, honey, and secret spices. Just be sure to:

Practice Natural Selection

Many modern liqueur brands use a variety of chemical flavor enhancers to give lower-proof alcohol the taste of elevated brands. Goddesses aren’t about that fake life — or that fake life hangover. Be selective about what you imbibe!

Choose organic wines without added sulfites, and to find the best liqueurs on the market, be sure to look for all-natural ingredients like the ones in Greek Lightning honey liqueur.

Hydrate in Advance

Every goddess knows that hydration is the key to glowing skin and great energy — and staying hydrated is especially important when you’re planning to drink. If you know you’re hitting the town tonight, make today the day you hit those water goals! Alcohol is naturally dehydrating, so priming your body with a healthy “base” of hydration will set you up for a great night, and an even better morning after.

Own Your Buzz

Whether you’re taking shots of Greek spirits, or sipping cocktails mixed with flavored liqueurs, it’s a great rule of thumb to enjoy a glass of water in between drinks. Not just for the amazing benefits mentioned above, but because it takes roughly thirty minutes to feel the full effects of an alcoholic beverage. A goddess doesn’t miss the end of the party because she gets too tipsy at the beginning. She owns her buzz, like she owns everything else in her life.

Drink to Celebrate

In our culture, booze is everywhere. It’s at birthday parties, as well as pity parties. It’s there at brunch, and while we’re binge-watching the Bachelor. And while alcohol is a delightful addition to many things, it’s not a cure for anything. A goddess drinks because she is happy, not to make herself happy.

Hire a Chariot

As a goddess, you know you have a beautiful destiny full of amazing adventures ahead. You’re so boss, you’d never go anywhere without an exit plan that includes a safe ride home. So call up a ride share, treat yourself to a limo, or hop in a horse-drawn-carriage, but never get behind the wheel when you’re tipsy. The world needs you!

Get a Taste of Mount Olympus

Ready to imbibe? You can contact us for help finding a bottle of Greek Lightning honey liqueur in your area, great recipes for honey liqueur drinks, or just to chat about that goddess life.