How It Started

Our fearless founders, Adam and Ted, grew up in Greek-American homes where traditional honey liqueur was ubiquitous to every lively celebration and blissful occasion. They would drink it merrily with friends, sip it under the stars while they learned the ancient myths of the great gods and goddesses, and even use it as a cure-all when they felt colds coming on.

Years later, they’ve made it their mission to bring this extraordinary Greek liqueur into homes, bars, and celebrations across the world!

How It’s Made

With such a divine, velvety flavor, it’s easy to imagine Greek Lightning™ as a gift from the gods themselves: each bottle erupting into existence from the charred crater of a well-aimed lightning bolt from Mount Olympus. As much as we love this image, we worked hard to craft our honey liqueur, so sorry Zeus — we’re taking credit!

Every bottle of Greek Lightning™ starts out in sun-kissed Kalamata, where the illustrious Callicounis Distillery has been producing the world’s best liqueurs for more than 150 years. There, the liqueur is distilled and then infused with organic grape honey from the orange blossom trees at the foot of Sparta’s Taygetos Mountains. From there, it’s blended with our secret mixture of aromatic flavors and spices including nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon bark. We never add preservatives or artificial flavor enhancers — each luxurious sip contains 24% alcohol by volume and 100% all-natural ingredients.

How To Get It

Greek Lightning™ is independently distributed. If you would like to learn more about purchasing or including it in your bar program, please get in touch with us! Our team will make sure that you can taste the nectar of the gods, even if it means sending Hermes on his winged sandals.

Contact us today to get started!