4 Beachy Destinations For Sipping Cocktails By The Sea

Few things in life are better than kicking back on the beach with a sweet liqueur cocktail in hand. But if you don’t live near a beach, it’s going to take a little bit of planning to get there. Let us help!

In today’s post, the travel lovers at our liqueur brand are taking a tour of the world’s best seaside destinations. Take notes and start looking at flights, because you’ll want to get there pronto to enjoy our delectable sweet liqueur in style! Read on to see our travel picks, and contact us to find out where you can find a bottle of Greek Lightning honey liqueur near you!

Santorini, Greece

Why go?

Santorini is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, and it isn’t hard to see why — with sweeping ocean views, a lovely Mediterannean climate, rich history, and its trademark white-and-blue architecture, there’s something on this island for every traveler to love.

Also, Greece is the birthplace of our delectable Greek Lightning honey liqueur. You can enjoy one of the best-tasting liqueurs on the market in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Drinking Responsibly in Santorini:

  • Legal drinking age: There is no minimum age for drinking in private, but you must be 18 or older to purchase alcohol and drink in public.
  • Can I drink in public? Public drinking is legal except in the metro systems — though people might look at you funny if you’re walking down the street with a cocktail in hand. Enjoying some moderate public drinking is more common in relaxed settings like the park or the beach.
  • What’s the drinking culture like? You’ll be expected to hold your liquor. Generally speaking, Greeks do not drink to get drunk, and drinking to excess is frowned upon. Make sure you’re having a good time — and that everyone around you is as well!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Why go?

A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979, Dubrovnik is a beautiful historic city on the temperate coasts of the Mediterannean Sea. Film and TV fans will recognize it as the backdrop for some of the most beautiful cities on the screen — Dubrovnik served as Game of Thrones’ primary filming location for scenes set in King’s Landing and Qarth, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi used it as the setting for the casino city of Canto Bight.

Drinking Responsibly in Dubrovnik:

  • Legal drinking age: There is no minimum age for drinking in private, but you must be 18 or older to purchase alcohol and drink in public.
  • Can I drink in public? Although in practice it is common to see people discreetly drinking in certain public spaces like beaches and parks, by law, consuming alcohol in public places throughout the country is prohibited.
  • What’s the drinking culture like? Like the Greeks, Croatians enjoy their alcohol — but it is considered rude to be rowdy and drunk in public. Make sure to keep your wits about you as you enjoy your wines, beers, and tasty flavored liqueurs!

Malibu, California

Why go?

Malibu is a surfer’s and all-around-beach bum’s paradise, with gorgeous beaches that are great for everything from lounging to surfing to rock climbing to spearfishing. Make sure to check out the famous Zuma Beach and take a drive along the historic Pacific Coast Highway!

Drinking Responsibly in Malibu:

  • Legal drinking age: You must be 21 or older to purchase or drink alcohol.
  • Can I drink in public? No — drinking in public places is prohibited by law. However, Malibu is home to many beachside bars and restaurants where you can sip sweet Greek liqueurs with sand between your toes!
  • What’s the drinking culture like? Like the rest of the United States, social drinking is very common, and people enjoy going out together for a night out on the town. Remember to never drink and drive!

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Why go?

The Phi Phi Islands are the least-well-known destination on our list, though we’re not sure why! Beachfront jungles, sheer seaside cliffs, laid-back locals, and super-affordable food and board should catapult this to the top of your travel bucket list!

Drinking Responsibly in Thailand:

  • Legal drinking age: You must be 20 or older to purchase or drink alcohol.
  • Can I drink in public? Yes, except in the following places: temples or places of worship (unless imbibing is part of the ceremony), pharmacies, public offices, educational institutions, gas stations, and public parks. The penalty for drinking in one of these locations is up to six months’ imprisonment.
  • What’s the drinking culture like? Thai people see drinking as a shared experience — a way to relax and have fun with friends. Losing control or being too loud is seen as very rude. Make sure to toast your friends with a cry of “chon!” to start the next round!

Ready to pack your bags? Don’t forget your own bottle of Greek Lightning, our sweet honey liqueur crafted from the finest Greek grapes, honey, and secret spices. Contact us to find out where to get your bottle now!