Why Greek Honey Is the Best in the World

For centuries, Greek honey has been widely considered to be the world standard. The golden liquid — ambrosia — has enjoyed fame since the legends of the Greek gods were born, and we’ve already written about how much the ancients loved this stuff.

So what sets Greek honey apart from other honeys produced throughout the world? Today, the team behind our delectable Greek Lightning honey liqueur is taking a look at one of our key ingredients: organic blossom honey harvested from the Taygetos Mountains of Sparta. Read on to discover why Greek honey is renowned for its quality, and for a little taste yourself, contact us to get your own bottle of delicious honey liqueur!

It’s Been Developed Over Millennia

First of all, Greece has a long history of beekeeping. Honey was the first traditional sweetener used in the region, and it’s been incredibly popular throughout the country’s past. The ancient Greeks had more than 40 different names for types of honey containers, referenced over and over again throughout history and mythology!

Today, honey is still an important part of Greece’s culture and economy. The country boasts more beehives per acre than any other in Europe, and it produces 15,000 pounds of honey every single year! Modern Greeks eat an average of 3.6 pounds per person annually — double the European and American averages.

With so much history behind honey production, the Greeks have had a lot of practice to get it just right!

It’s Created in Perfect Conditions

A huge part of why honey has always been so popular in Greece is the weather. The Aegean summer season offers nearly unlimited sun and the perfect conditions for healthy beekeeping, including low humidity. This results in honeys that are richer in just about every organoleptic property — their aroma, flavor, and density are perfectly balanced thanks to the optimal conditions they were made in!

It Comes From Biodiverse Flora

Finally, and most importantly, the Greek countryside is rich in bio-diverse flora. Scientists and botanists estimate that Greece has more than 7,500 unique species of trees, herbs, wildflowers, and plants, 1,000 of which cannot be found anywhere else. This gives the country some of the most diverse flora in the entire Mediterranean basin.

Since bees need diverse kinds of flowering plants to create honey, this is great news for honey production! There are many different kinds of Greek honey: thyme, pine, chestnut, heather, and more. They come from different types of plants and have unique flavors, aromas, and densities.

At Greek Lightning, we use orange blossom honey to craft our sweet liqueur. Blossom honey is known for its powerful, delicious aroma and its more delicate properties, which makes it ideal for blending into a tasty Greek liqueur!

Try Greek Lightning Honey Liqueur Today

It isn’t hard to see why we’re proud to use all-natural organic Greek honey in our honey-flavored liqueur. Greek Lightning’s velvety flavor comes from being infused with orange blossom tree honey from Sparta along with our secret mix of spices! Curious to get your hands on a bottle? Greek Lightning is independently distributed, so it’s as easy as reaching out to us to find out where you can find a bottle near you. Contact us to begin!