4 Ways To Gift A Bottle

Wine and liqueur bottles are some of the best gifts you can bring to a party or dinner. A delicious alcoholic beverage can add to the life of the party and please the host. When you aren’t sure what to buy and want to gift something that will impress the hosts and delight the guests, it’s hard to go wrong with a bottle of wine or sweet liqueur.

At Greek Lightning, we believe a properly presented bottle can be a perfect gift for almost any celebratory event. Our delectable honey liqueur comes in a gorgeous bottle that would make a great gift for your next gathering, so today we’ll be sharing four of our favorite ways to gift a bottle! Read on to learn more and contact us to find out how you can try our heavenly Greek liqueur tonight.

1. Present it in a Basket

Sometimes you need more than a bottle, especially if the occasion is as monumental as marriage or a big career move. In such cases, you can create a personalized basket with the bottle and a few other items. These items can be anything from chocolate to ingredients for a cheese platter. Personalize it to your recipient — they’re sure to love not just the contents, but the time you put into it!

2. Make It A Bouquet

If you want your gift to be a surprise and want to disguise the distinctive shape of the bottle, you can turn it into a bouquet. Just choose vibrant flowers and carefully tape them to the bottle. Make sure the flowers encircle the circumference of the bottle to keep it concealed. You can add ribbons and embellishments to enhance the appearance. Flowers like daisies are ideal for this option! Or, if it’s a romantic gift for a special someone, you can’t go wrong with red roses.

3. Personalize The Bottle

A great way to make the bottle extra special is to personalize it as much as possible. You can add a handmade card or tag to the bottle. It is easy to make the bottle more attractive by adding decorations like ribbons or a bow to it. Simply make sure all the embellishments correspond with the occasion and will appeal to the recipient.

4. Wrap It In Tea Towel

Wrapping the bottle in a decorative tea towel can make it look very interesting. You will just need the towel and a ribbon with a complementary design. Wrap the bottle in the towel securely and tie a ribbon around its neck to keep it fastened. That should help keep the cover in place.

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us at Greek Lightning. We are proud to craft a delicious natural Greek honey liqueur, distilled at the historic Callicounis Distillery and flavored with a blend of secret spices. You can drink it straight or create a variety of sweet liqueur cocktails… when you’re sipping the best-tasting liqueur from Mount Olympus itself, the possibilities are endless! Taste the nectar of the gods tonight by ordering your bottle of Greek Lightning honey liqueur today.